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Twilio Campaign Registration Information

Hello Twilio,
This webpage is to help explain the Bibe Registration Process. Bibe is an alcohol beverage ordering app created to be used in bars and nightclubs to generate additional revenue while addressing the hustle of long lines, longer wait times, to name a few. 

On our website at we have a checkbox that allows users to opt-in to receive email and text. Users should also be over the age of 21. They get to accept our terms and conditions as well. Below is a screenshot of what it looks like in case you have not accessed the contact page.

Bibe Tender Mobile POS App

In our Bibe App, users are not allowed to register to use the app if they are under 21yrs old. Users must also agree to terms and conditions and privacy, as well as agreeing to receive communications from Bibe. After a User signs up on our App they are immediately re-directed to complete their Profile. In the process of completing their profile, we verify their age. They cannot continue in the App if under 21yrs old. After a successful age verification, Users will get an OTP verification when they update their phone number in their profile. This is the ONLY time we leverage Twilio's platform for one-time passcode (OTP) verification.

Bibe User Mobile App
Bibe User Sign Up
Bibe notification
Bibe OTP
Bibe mobile OTP one time password
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