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Bibe Logo | Bibe Family of Apps, where you order your drinks and skip long lines in clubs and bars.

Bibe App: Users, Get Out Of Line!

Order Drinks Through Your Phones

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Time Saver



Realtime Phone Updates

App Mobile

Order Anywhere

Order Drinks at your Convenience in 5 simple Steps

Download the Bibe App

Go to your App Store, search for "Bibe" and download the app

Select Venue

Open the App, sign up and choose the venue where you are enjoying your time

Select Drinks

Browse the menu online, select your desired drinks, and add them to your cart

Easy Payment

Complete your order by securely making the payment through the app with credit card, ApplePay or Google Pay

Pick Up At Bibe Location

Receive live updates on your order and head to the designated Bibe pick-up location when your drinks are ready

Bibe Apps | User or Customer App for ordering drinks
Bibe Apps | User notifications when you order a drink
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