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Bibe Bar Management Portal
 Website Application Portal - Manager Your Bar

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Increase Profits

Increased Profits

Customer Satisfaction

Optimized Venue Layout

Manage your Bars Operations in 5 simple Ways

User App Services
Bar Manager Portal

Real-Time Order Management 

Easily manage and review incoming orders in real time through the Bibe Bar Manager Portal, allowing for swift and efficient handling of customer requests 

Menu Customization

Add, remove or modify menu categories and items with a few clicks. Keep your offerings up-to-date and appealing to your customers through the intuitive menu management feature


Gain valuable insights into you customer base with built-in analytical tools. Understand customer preferences, popular items, and peak ordering times to optimize your offerings and marketing strategies

Daily Payment Processing

Streaming your financial operations by accessing daily payment information at 5AM. Review and reconcile transactions seamlessly, ensuring transparency and accuracy in your venue's financial records

Effortless Dashboard Review

Navigate a user-friendly dashboard that consolidates essential information. Stay in control of your Bar's operations my accessing key data in orders, revenue, and customer trends, all in one centralized location

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